Revolutionize your route planning with these 5 tips from komoot

Whether you’re just getting into bigger rides, or you’re a regular on the club run, the route you ride matters. Like riding uphill, route planning is a skill, one that you can learn and improve. There are now lots of ways that technology can help. Our route partners komoot have put together these five tips that can help you plan better training routes in your preparation for the Dragon Ride.

Here’s how to plan your perfect training route:

  • Quieter, safe roads

Finding the perfect balance between smooth tarmac and not competing with the traffic is the aim for a great training route. No looking over your shoulder, no holding your breath. Just easy-breezy pedaling and taking in the view. Luckily, technology makes this easy by finding the right roads for you.

Komoot tip: Enter your start and end points and komoot’s route planner will create a route prioritising quieter, cycle-friendly roads. Pick your sport type: road cycling will prioritize cycle friendly roads where you can get up to speed and make progress, cycle touring will take you on quieter lanes and cycle paths.

  • A distance and ride duration that’s perfect for your fitness level

We’ve all been there, miles away from home and you’ve just had to pop into a corner shop for an emergency chocolate bar! Underestimating a ride isn’t fun, equally too short and you’re left wanting more.

Komoot tip: After entering your start and point you’ll see the expected duration. Set your fitness level and you’ll see this time adjust for how long you can expect to spend in the saddle. This takes into account the distance, elevation, and terrain type. Too short? Add in an extra hill!

  • Gentle climbs (and descents!)

Some people love a climb, if you’re signed up for the Dragon Ride you must love getting out of the saddle and finding your climbing legs. Figure out what you like and plan your route accordingly.

Komoot tip: Review the interactive elevation profile to see the gradient/incline for every section of your route and adjust the route to suit you.

  • The right terrain for your bike

On a road bike you want to avoid inappropriate tracks and canal paths. Check the route surface before you head out to make sure that your route sticks to tarmac and doesn’t give you any surprises.

Komoot tip: On your route check out the waytype and surface profiles to plan a route that’s ideal for road cycling. Using the dropdown menu on the route profile you can even overlay the waytypes onto the elevation profile to make it easy to spot anything.


  • Recommendations from community highlights

One of the highlights of the Dragon Ride are the amazing views you get of the Brecon Beacons. No climb is without reward. But how do you find great views or route highlights when planning your own route?

Komoot tip: Komoot’s community of cyclists has a lot of experience to share, and they do so using the Highlights feature. Check out the red dots on the komoot map to see fun route segments and breathtaking views that local riders recommend. Highlights are also a great way of finding cycle-friendly cafes and coffee shops.

Take these things into account the next time you plan a route, and you’ll be on your way to a happy, inspiring ride. Want to cut a few corners on the way? Get komoot to make planning your next ride quicker and easier than ever.