Official Event Photos

Smile! You're on camera...

Your Official Photos will be ready to view early next week (w/c 10th June).

If you took part in the Dragon Ride your images will be available to view here.
If you took part in the Dragon Tour your images will be available to view here.

Note on tagging

AWOL, the official photography partner of the event, have tagged you in every photo where your Race Number is visible. However, it’s very likely you will be in other photos, if your race number is blocked by an arm, another cyclist, or your number has folded over / come off! Don’t despair, you can ‘tag’ yourself in any photo, and AWOL will review it shortly after and add it to your bundle.

Please follow these simple steps to get more photos

1. Search by Chip Time – enter your name and scroll through the photos until you find yourself. Then….
2. TAG yourself! The photo will then be added to our review queue. An operative will review the tag within 24hrs and it will be added to your Official Tags.
3. Search: You can also BROWSE the albums freely – if you know the approximate time you passed a point, adjust the time slider tool in any album to get close. Once you find yourself, don’t forget to TAG!

Pre Ordered Competitors

If you pre-ordered photos, please check your emails for a message from – full instructions are given.

Having Problems?

If you have any issues at all, please raise a support ticket with AWOL and they will serve you as quickly as possible.