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*Please not that all information relates to 2021. 2022 event info will be added closer to the event.*

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Event Guide

Email Updates

We send out email updates to everyone registered for the ride to make sure you have all the information you need. You can expect to receive these email at around 3 months to go, 1 month to go, 1 week to go and 3 days to go.

If you have unsubscribed from us in the past, we won’t be able to email you – you can resubscribe here.

  • 3 months to go (26th June 2021): Click here to view
  • 2 months to go (26th July 2021): Click here to view
  • 1 month to go (26th August 2021): Click here to view
  • 10 days to go (16 September 2021): Click here to view
  • 5 days to go (21 September 2021): Click here to view
  • 2 days to go (24 September 2021): Click here to view


Individual start times can be found here

Cut Off Times


Cut Off: Riders must get to the Medio Fondo split (61km/38 miles) by 10:35 = average speed of 20kph/13mph.


Cut Off 1: Riders must get to the Macmillan 100km split (40km/25 miles) by 11:30 = average speed of 12mph.
Cut Off 2: Riders must get to Glynneath (100km/62 miles) by 15:55 = average speed of 10mph.


There are no cut offs on the route itself, but please note the finish gantry closure time IS 7:30PM.

Rider Packs

Packs will be posted out from 4th September right up until event day.

Rider pack contents


Large Event Number

This must be attached to your back, on the outside of your clothing (safety pins are not included). This must be visible at all times during the ride and is your passport to the Feed Stations and sweep vehicle where required.

Coloured Card

This is for us to identify who is riding which distance so the colour you have received will match your chosen distance. Please attach this to the front of your bike with the cable ties provided – two cable ties around the top and one around the bottom to go round your bike stem or wires.

Helmet & Bike Stickers

These stickers, printed with your event number, should be affixed as follows:

  • One small one to the FRONT of your helmet (so we can identify you from the front)
  • One small sticker for the Coloured Card provided
  • The long one around your seat tube pointing backwards (so we can identify you from the side)

Timing Chip

Your timing chip is the small silver tag which is stuck onto the long rectangular seat post sticker. This is very important so please ensure the long sticker is securely attached to the seat post of your bike. If it is not attached correctly or damaged in anyway, your results may be affected.

Your rider pack and number are your passport to the day. Please note that for safety reasons, rider packs are not transferable to other people. Anyone caught wearing someone else’s number will be removed from the event.

If you have any more questions about rider packs, click here.