5 memorable moments from the Dragon Ride 2023

The Dragon Ride is without a doubt an unforgettable event. Riders will remember the breath taking Welsh hills; fierce comradery of fellow riders; and the feeling when they crossed the finish line well into the future (although perhaps they’d like to forget about what happened on the deadly Devil’s Elbow climb!)

For the Dragon Ride team, aside from seeing the event come together, our highlight of the day is seeing the special moments and emotions of riders at the start and finish line. Although we can’t watch your amazing adventure along the course, what makes the event so rewarding is to occasionally take a step back from activities in the Event Village, take a look around, and take in spectacular moments across the day that will stay with us forever.

So, without further ado, here are just five of our most memorable moments from the Dragon Ride 2023.

1. A misty sunrise over the Brecon Beacons

Every team member remembers the rising sun filtering through the mist over the Event Village. This year, we were blessed with a cool and clear morning, and the soft peach and mauve colours set a relaxed and mellow atmosphere at the break of day. It truly felt like harbinger of good luck, ahead of the successful day we all had.

2. Spotting two unique riders

Two riders, Eoghan McHugh and Peter Weldon, made a splash at the start line which they crossed together – not side by side, but one in front of the other – on a tandem bike! When asked what prompted the choice, Eoghan said “I’ve ridden a few sportives on my own before. You do all the work and there’s no one to chat to! We got loads of attention round the course and got chatting with so many riders”. Well done Eoghan  and Peter!

3. A Welsh folksong

Riders Owen, Dylan and Ceri warmed hearts and added some traditional Welsh culture to the event, when they began singing the folksong ‘We’ll Keep a Welcome (in the Hillsides)’ at the finish line. Thanks for those who joined in during this song, as it created a great atmosphere and indeed a brilliant welcome home to riders crossing the finish line at the time! Some lyrics to the song are below:

We’ll keep a welcome in the hillsides,

We’ll keep a welcome in the Vales.

This land you knew will still be singing,

When you come home again to Wales.

Love it – well done guys!

4. A surreal moment

One unnamed rider had a surreal moment, as he stood at the finish line shaking his head. When asked if he was ok, the crew member noticed that the participant had damp eyes and a look of both wonder and disbelief in his eyes. “I can’t believe I just did that” were the only words he said. Congratulations to this anonymous man; we’re glad you were able to take in the emotions from the day, and we hope you believe you can do anything after this.

5. Clapping for our final rider

It is always a special moment when the crew gather to clap the final rider over the Dragon Ride finish line. The company’s CEO; Operations team; catering crew; and all of our wonderful volunteers turned out to commemorate and congratulate this final rider, marking the end of a highly successful and inspiring event.