Our new routes

In 2020 we redesigned all 4 routes to challenge our riders to take on the Dragon in reverse. In was the first time in over 12 years since it had been done.

We are again scouring the South Wales hills for new climbs, new stunning scenery and challenge fit for the toughest sportive in the UK!

Take a look at the routes from last year to get a feel for the distances, climbs and use them to help you train for 2021….it is sure to be your biggest UK challenge yet!

We joined forces with Simon Warren, author of the internationally renowned 100 Climbs Series, to create the Climbs Guide. This will give you further detail of each major climb on the route. DOWNLOAD FOR FREE

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To download the GPX of the route, click on the links below:

Click on each image below to enlarge the route and profile:

Macmillan 100

We have fully reversed the 2019 route; you will now tackle both The Bwlch and Rhigos from the other direction for the first time. This offers a fresh challenge, new views and another tick off the bucket list.

Medio Fondo

As well as reversing the route we have added 2 new sections which has added 1 more cat 4 climb and 1 more cat 5 climb taking the total elevation up to 2826m, one of the highest Medio Fondo ever at Dragon. You will still face the deadly trio of Devil’s Elbow, Rhigos and The Bwlch.

Gran Fondo

New sections have been added to the most popular route at Dragon. We have slightly shortened it, removed a cat 5 climb and replaced it with a cat 4. You will face Black Mountain, Devil’s Elbow, Rhigos and The Bwlch in that order, a challenge for any cyclists and an amazing achievement for all.

Dragon Devil

The infamous Devil has been made harder! We have increased the total elevation to just under 5,000m making this the highest Devil in Dragon history. You will face all the climbs made famous by this route. Don’t worry, you’ll still climb Devil’s Elbow and Devil’s staircase form the proper direction but you’ll face the others from the opposite direction. This really is a bucket list achievement, you can complete it and say you conquered the biggest Devil ever! This is not for the feint hearted.


Which ever route you choose this is sure to be the biggest and best Dragon Ride ever. Get in early and start your training right now, you will certainly need it!