The British Army’s Infantry Team to Take On the Dragon Ride 2023!

We are pleased to announce that the British Army’s Infantry Team are set to take on the epic Dragon Ride 2023, with 8 riders ready to put their well-oiled bicycles – and fitness – to the test in the Devil distance on Sunday June 18th.

For those who don’t know much about the Infantry within the British Army – or wish to find out more – we caught up with Captain L Jones, who heads up the RIFLES and INFANTRY cycling teams who are participating in the event:

  1. What is the British Army Infantry?

An Infantry soldier is all about protecting the nation and preventing conflict. An Infantry soldier is among the most active soldiers in the Army with an incredibly varied and exciting role. Highly skilled, extremely fit, always ready for the next challenge. The British Army’s Infantry soldiers are highly respected throughout the globe. From disaster relief to protecting the nation, nothing compares to the fast-changing life of the Infantry.

  1. Why is your team taking part in the Dragon Ride 2023?

We are taking part as it’s a great challenge for our riders. The distance and arduous nature of the Dragon Ride just makes it the perfect event for a team of Infantry riders to enter. Infantry soldiers are constantly looking to test and challenge ourselves, the Dragon ride is a perfect opportunity.

The Infantry are the current Army Corps champions, training and competing in events like the Dragon ride, are vital to our future success and retaining our title.

  1. Where can we go to understand more about the Rifles?

If you look at @infroadcycling on Instagram – this will show you what our cycling looks like. If you also look at @rifles_regiment on Instagram this will show you what infantry soldiers do day to day.

We can’t wait to welcome the British Army Infantry riders to our event and be no doubt impressed by their extreme fitness and dedication to the challenge!