Congratulations to our Dragon Slayers

WHAT. A. DAY! Dragon Ride 2022 took place yesterday (Sunday 19th June) and it was a spectacular day for all involved – our riders displayed all the attributes that it takes to be a dragon slayer; commitment, persistence, courage and a being a little crazy.

The sun was high in the sky on Sunday with rain not making an appearance the whole day, temperatures even reached a barmy 19 degrees.  This did allow for stunning views across the Brecon Beacons with riders rewarded for their efforts in summiting the many climbs. We’d love to see any photos so make to use the #DragonRide when posting online.

We’d like to thank the 4000 brave cyclists who took to the start line yesterday. Watching them head out with great optimism and determination on their faces in anticipation of their upcoming challenge, change to an expression of relief mixed with bewilderment as they returned. Every single rider is a legend in our eyes and they more than deserve the dragon slayer status! Everyone who completed the event can be extremely proud of riding across the finish line as we haven’t earned the iconic status of being the oldest and toughest sportive in Britain for nothing.

Congratulations to our King and Queen of the mountain, who have earned themselves a fantastic prize bundle for riding up the Devil’s Elbow in times that would make you think it was a fast descent not an excruciating 10% climb. Congratulations also to the top 5 men and women who tackled the Devil’s Elbow in also quite frankly ridiculous times:

Top 5 Male:

  • Andres Roldan – 04:07 
  • Matt Pike – 06:12
  • Steven Oldale – 06:12
  • Tom Damant – 07:15
  • Thoms Cheung – 08:05

Top 5 Female:

  • Rosie Banks – 09:46
  • Katie Lampl – 10:26
  • Amy Walls – 10:29
  • Maria Powell – 10:46
  • Rebecca Clowes – 10:53

Thank you also to our crew and volunteers who without we would not be able to host this event. Their commitment and love for this event was felt at feed stations; keeping morale high and giving riders that extra when needed most.

We do hope you’ll join us again next year, whether it’s because you want to beat this year’s time or  fancy tackling the next distance up. If you are reading this and didn’t take part this year then what are you waiting for pre-register today and we’ll let you know when entries open. Make 2023 the year you slay the dragon.