4 tips to kickstart your fundraising

Looking to fundraise for Macmillan? These four top tips will help you get your fundraising off to a winning start.

Start a fundraiser with our top tips for day one.

1. Set up an online fundraising page

The best way to kick start your fundraising is to set up an online giving page. This is simply a digital sponsorship form that makes it really easy for you to spread the word about your ride and for your supporters to make a donation. You’ll have your own web page to share, people can donate directly to it, and the money gets automatically sent to Macmillan. It takes all the hassle out of collecting donations so you can focus on your fundraising. Win! You can use a site like JustGiving to set up your page.

2. Tell your fundraising story

Once your fundraising page is set up, don’t forget to personalise it. Adding things like a profile photo, a story about what you’re doing and why, and a fundraising target really help. You’re doing something amazing to help people living with cancer. Tell people about it and motivate them to support you.

Macmillan have put together some fundraising online ideas.

3. Download our fundraising resources

If you have a fundraising target, as well as an online giving page, you may want to think about what fundraising activities you can do to meet or exceed your pledge. Think office bake sale, quiz night or garden party. We’ve got lots of fundraising ideas and inspiration, as well as a whole host of different resources for you to download and help make your event the best it can be.

From wall planners to keep your fundraising on track, to paper sponsorship forms, and fundraising posters, we’ve got everything you need to make your fundraising a success. Visit be.Macmillan to get started.

4. Start spreading the word

You’ve now registered for the Dragon Ride, set up an online fundraising page, and downloaded your fundraising tools… you’re officially ready to start a fundraising! Now’s the time to start spreading the word. A handy tip is to send your fundraising page in a personalised message to some of your closest friends and family first. They’re the most likely to kick things off with some big donations, and that just might encourage others to do the same.