10 tips for fundraising online

Raising money online is a really great way to collect donations. Read our top 10 tips for fundraising online.

1. Start a fundraiser

You need to set up an online fundraising page to kickstart your fundraising. JustGiving allows you to create your own web page. People can then donate, leave you a supportive message, and the money, including any Gift Aid, automatically gets sent to Macmillan. Hassle free fundraising.

2. Add a profile photo

You’ve set up your online fundraising page, now’s the time to make it yours. The photo on your page is the first thing people will see, so adding one of your lovely self will reassure your supporters that they’re on the right page.

3. Write your story

Your supporters want to know about your fundraising and why you’re doing it. Make sure your page tells your fundraising story. It doesn’t need to be super long. Just let people know what you’re doing and how their support will spur you on.

4. Tell people how their donations will help

By raising money for Macmillan, you’re making a huge difference to people living with cancer. Tell your supporters how their donations will help and why their support matters.

5. Tell people how their donations will help

You might already have a fundraising pledge for the event you’ve signed up for, but even if you don’t, it’s a good idea to set one. A target can be really motivating, not only for you, but also your supporters. They might donate just that little bit extra if they know it’s going to get you to 100%.

6. Add a video

Video is a really effective way tell your fundraising story. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, simply use your smartphone to record something. It could be a video of you talking about what you’re doing and why, or a live stream while you’re out training for your event.

7. Included any donations you’ve raised offline

If you have been raising money and collecting sponsorship offline, you can update your JustGiving page to include this money. It will then be added to the total, contribute towards your target, and your page will reflect all of your incredible fundraising.

8. Link up your Strava activity

For those of you taking on a challenge event, if you’re using the Strava app to track your training, you can add this to your JustGiving page. Share things like fitness tracking, training photos and miles to your fundraising page so people know just how much effort you’re putting in.

9. Personalised sponsorship asks go a long way

Your close family and friends will really appreciate a personalised ask for support, so send them a private message first. Tell them about what you’re doing for Macmillan, why you’ve signed up and what their support would mean to you.

10. Share, share, share… and share again

Make sure you’re sharing your fundraising page regularly. Hit a new fundraising milestone? Smashed a training goal? Had a big donation? Tell people about it. Update your fundraising page and share on your social channels. Donations come in after the event too, so make sure you keep sharing after the big day.