Dragon Ride Photography Competition

The joy of the long ride lies in the freedom of escaping the mundane; the adrenaline rush and exploration of new roads; and beauty of the world seen through the cyclist’s lens. It is no wonder then that so many cyclists enjoy capturing the surroundings and emotions they experience while cycling on camera.

We have decided to give Dragon Ride participants the opportunity to dabble in photography (or put your seasoned skills to the test) by launching the exciting Dragon Ride Photography Competition from Thursday 11th May – Thursday 15th June.

How can I take part in the competition?

Between Thursday 11th May and Thursday 15th June, we want YOU to capture epic photography to submit into our Dragon Ride Photography Competition.

We recommend that you take a smartphone or camera on your next big ride to take some photos which you think reflect the Dragon Ride. Some categories you could consider for some inspiration are as follows:

  • EPIC

Simply submit up to three photos to enter into the competition by filling out the form below. You can caption the photo(s) with a comment about the location or your experience on the ride – why not make it personal to you?

Note: the caption will not be judged as part of the competition.

How is the winner judged?

Our internal team will pick the top 3 participants in two categories: ‘experienced’ and ‘amateur’. These photographs will be then be put to a vote by the general public (Dragon Ride participants) on social media.

The two photographs with the most votes will win free entry into next year’s event and our Dragon Ride cycling jersey which you can feast your eyes on here.

Advice and tips

  • Don’t worry if you don’t have experience in photography – we have an experienced and amateur category to make the competition fair.
  • Remember that you don’t have to take your photographs over one ride; why not take a few over a couple of rides and pick the best one(s).
  • Avoid taking photographs while moving on the bike as this can be dangerous. Pull over and pause your ride to grab your epic shots!


Up to 3 photos can be submitted for each participant – no more please

Please do not edit your photos – we only want au naturale snaps!

Dragon Rider Photography Competition

Max. file size: 23 MB.