Gran Fondo Route Analysis

Rowe & King Cycle Coaching have analysed the 230km Gran Fondo Vitus Dragon Ride route to give you some helpful tips to help make your experience as enjoyable and successful as possible.

Top tips to tackle the Gran Fondo route

  • Pacing yourself is key at the start. With two major mountains in the first 50km, it’s vital not to push too hard up the climbs. Stick to your ‘Zone 2’ and try to find a group or rider around your speed to share the work on the front with.
  • Avoid big surges in effort, especially early on. The fatigue will be in your legs all day. Make sure you factor in some threshold training leading up to the Vitus Dragon Ride to help get over the climbs.
  • Eat something at the top of every major climb – a banana or energy bar are good choices.
  • Make sure you have your nutrition strategy set – making the most of the feed stations if required. Don’t wait until you feel hungry to take on fuel as by that time, it’s too late!
  • Descend with caution – there are some very fast descents! Get your bike checked out the week before to ensure it is in good working order.
  • The final 60km are predominantly downhill, with the exception of a steep climb 20km from the finish. Taking an energy gel at the 200km point will help. From here, you can really empty the tank and give it 100% effort to the finish.

Want some more training tips?

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